Student Pseudo-Pauls

One of my assignments in various Intro to Paul or Intro to the New Testament classes is to ask students to write a pseudo-Pauline letter. That means they write about something Paul wouldn’t have written about – say, the diets of Montreal students – but they do it in a way that closely mimics the apostle Paul’s structure, style and rhetoric. The idea is that, in order to forge something, you have to know it well. It’s been a good challenge for students to learn to adopt Paul’s language and format and it’s always fun for me to mark. Here are some examples of fine Pseudo-Pauline epistles. My thanks to these students, who have graciously allowed their work to be posted. Have a read….I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I did!

from Matthew Rainone, a Pauline letter to the Montreal Impact (soccer):

Letter to Montreal Impact

from Michelle Rosinski, a Pauline letter to the body, titled (in good manuscript fashion): “Thetrialsandtribulationsofbecomingaman”


from Joel Amis, a student who wrote a letter concerning Esperanto groups:


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