My name is Matthew Anderson. I’m a professor at Concordia University Montreal Quebec, a writer, a father, and a cleric (the old and – I think – still quite lovely term for a minister). Oh yes, and a public speaker, documentary maker, short-story writer and sometimes poet.

In 2012 I shot a documentary film on the Camino de Santiago, the pilgrimage route in Spain. the summer of 2013 I walked over 250 km along the St-Olav way to Trondheim Norway, and 100 km along the St-Cuthbert Way in the Scottish borders and in 2014 walked portions of the Whitby Way through the North York Moors, and the Via Nova in Austria. In 2014 I premiered a documentary about a group of North American Finns and Finno-files who returned to Finland to visit the homeland and to share their melodic and haunting music. In the summer of 2015 I plan to walk and document the 275 km North-West Mounted Police Trail, an historic and under-examined place in Canadian history that helped make Canada (and un-make several First Nations).

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  1. Hi Matthew, so interesting to read about your experience in Norway, sounds like you’re a bit of a pioneer! Is this serendipity? You’re from Montreal and walking a pilgrimage in Norway.. I’m from Montreal (Conc/McG grad, but now living in Asia) and about to embark on the Camino; will first visit family & friends in Montreal as of next week. Small world.. happy peramubulating 😉

  2. Professor Anderson,

    I would love to say thank you for being such an inspirational teacher. I was in your Theology 238 Class in Fall 2013, and loved every bit of it. It was more then a movie class as it allowed me to appreciate my questions and about the road of life. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  3. Hello Dr. Anderson.. I have just read an article in the “Prairie Post” re you treck this summer. It sounds so wonderful, How can I get your complete doucumentry on this trip? Thank you

    • Hi Evelyn, I’m working on the doc now, so it won’t actually be done until sometime later this fall. I hope to come back to south-west SK to show it in Swift Current and along the trail! Thanks for your interest!

  4. Hi Dr. Anderson/ Thanks for your reply. I live about 2.5 hrs. drive from Swift Current. so if the weather is good i will get there. I trust it will be well advertised . Looking forward to this Evelyn Schuler

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