Pilgrimage Studies resources

Podcast: Pilgrimage Stories from Up and Down the Staircase

Thanks to a 2020 grant from CUPFA (Concordia University Part-Time Faculty Association) for a mic and platform, I was able to interview, record, and mix over a dozen episodes. You can find them here.

“Sacred Journeys” website, seminars, and scholarship

Sacred Journeys is the name of a group of scholars and practitioners led by a team with Dr Ian McIntosh at its head. You can find the group’s website, with links to many resources, here.

The Institute for Pilgrimage Studies, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA. Founder: George Greenia

The website for the Institute of Pilgrimage Studies can be found here. Each year there is a gathering of scholars for William and Mary’s annual pilgrimage conference. In addition, founder of the institute George Greenia continues to research, write, speak, and otherwise inspire pilgrimage studies work. I interviewed him on my podcast about the Camino de Santiago, here.

Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage

I’ve published two articles in this online, and open-access journal. You can find many, many  helpful and interesting articles in that journal here, and my article about the St Olav Way in Norway here. My article about post-Reformation pilgrimage, “Luther and the Trajectories of Western Pilgrimage” can be found here.

I have another article about pilgrimage and Reformation titled “Post-Reformation Christian Pilgrimage and the Globalization of Sentiment.” It appears in the journal Theoforum 48/1-2. 11-22

Teaching Outline: Basics of Western Pilgrimage and History

A five-minute powerpoint introducing some of the basics of western pilgrimage history and theory (click on the link): https://vimeo.com/183387947

2020 Presentation (with Ken Wilson, University of Regina): The Promise and Peril of Walking Territorial Recognitions, Sacred Journeys. https://vimeo.com/546552868

“Pilgrimage & Pedagogy” (2017)

– the title says it all!

Post-Modern Pilgrimage in a Globalized World

with Matthew R. Anderson and Sara Terreault, Concordia University, Montreal, below:

Indigenizing Pilgrimage (2015 presentation by Dr Raymond Aldred)

Raymond Aldred’s closing keynote address to the Indigenizing Pilgrimage Conference, May 2015, can be found here: https://vimeo.com/129713536

Ray with planning group

Simon Coleman Opening Keynote Address (2015)

Simon Coleman was – and continues to be – a pioneer of pilgrimage studies. His writings are cited as foundational across the field. He came to Montreal for our 2015 conference,. His opening keynote address can be found here.

Coleman Anderson panel two

“Re-inhabiting Geography and History through Pilgrimage”

A conversation on this subject can be found here:

Keynote presentation at the College of William and Mary, in Williamsburg VA (2013)

In 2013 I was invited to give the keynote presentation to that year’s annual Pilgrimage Studies symposium. You can watch my presentation here.

My article about pilgrimage in “The Montreal Review” can be found here: https://www.themontrealreview.com/2009/Following-the-Saints-Footfall-by-Footfall.php