Old Montreal to Kahnawake annual walk

In 2014, Prof Sara Terreault and I organized the first “Old Montreal to Kahnawake” pilgrimage/walk. For several years now we take students from the summer Theo 234 Pilgrimage class, along with a few interested others, and explore the terrain, history, culture of the neighbourhoods between two pilgrim centres: Notre-Dame-de-Bons-Secours church in Old Montreal, and St-Kateri’s shrine in Kahnawake. We’ve been fortunate enough to have extremely generous and caring hosts in Kahnawake, and have been graciously welcomed, each year, at the Kahnawake cultural centre and the Longhouse. We thank our hosts in Mohawk territory, and recognize the land upon which we walk.



In May 2013, Sara Terreault and I, together with much help, organized and carried out a conference at Concordia University, Montreal, titled “Ecstatic Journeys”. This short video trailer gives you a sense of some of the excitement of the weekend. My thanks to all those who helped us make it possible!


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