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Dr. Matthew Robert Anderson, PhD

Lecturer, Theological Studies

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Office: S-D 303-1
D Building,
2140 Bishop
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2874
Website(s): Something Grand

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Current Appointments

affiliate professor, Concordia Department of Theological Studies, Montreal

Fellow, Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability, Montreal

Profile My classroom combines creative pedagogy with up-to-date research in New Testament, Early Christianity, Pilgrimage, and Indigenous studies. Cultural and theological studies enrich the multidisciplinarity of this approach.

Current Research Interests

  1. Paul as pilgrim, with attention to peregrinatio’s relationship to apocalypticism
  2. the make-up of Paul’s congregation in Corinth with particular reference to the relationship between Jewish and non-Jewish followers as reflected in Paul’s rhetoric
  3. changes to European pilgrimage during the Protestant Reformations, for The Pilgrim Body, Routledge Publishing, UK.
  4. the walking of, and research into, Indigenous trails in Canada, especially as acts of ‘dark pilgrimage’ for descendants of settlers under the guidance of First Peoples

Teaching Experience (2000-present)

New Testament          Introduction to New Testament

Introduction to Gospels and Acts (undergraduate and graduate)

Introduction to Paul (undergraduate and graduate)

Jesus of History and Christ of Faith

Theology                     Theology and Film (undergraduate and graduate)

Introduction to Christian Theology

Pilgrimage                   Introduction to Pilgrimage (undergraduate and graduate)

Indigenous studies      Journey in the Indigenous Traditions (undergraduate and graduate)

Sustainability              The Contemporary World: Sustainability and Diversity

History of the 20th Century from Environmentalist Perspectives



Ph.D. Religious Studies, Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University, Montreal. Dissertation: “Before the Fact: How Paul’s Rhetoric Changed History” (F. Wisse; I. Henderson)

Publications: Books Edited

2017                The Pilgrim Body: An Anatomy of Christian and Post-Christian Intentional Movement, Routledge Publishing, UK. Co-editor S. Terreault. (in press)

Publications: Chapters in Books

2018                “Pilgrimage and the Challenging of a Canadian Foundational Myth,” in Dynamic Paths: Pilgrimages on the World Stage, eds. Ian S. McIntosh, E. Moore Quinn and Vivienne Keely. Brill. (in press)

2017                “The Pilgrimage that Ended Pilgrimages: Luther, the Medieval Conception of the Body and the Eclipse of Western Pilgrimage,” in The Pilgrim Body. Eds. M. Anderson, S. Terreault. Routledge. (in press)

2017                “Walking to be Some Body: desire and diaspora on the St-Olaf Way,” in The Pilgrim Body. Eds. M. Anderson, S. Terreault. Routledge. (in press)

2014                “The First Cut is the Deepest: Masculinity and Circumcision in the First Century,” in Biblical Masculinities Foregrounded, eds. Peter-Ben Smit and Oviudu Creanga. Sheffield-Phoenix Press, co-written with K.B. Neutel, University of Oslo.

2008                “Albert Schweitzer and a Mystical Ecology for Paul” in Consensus:                                      Festschrift in Honour of Erwin Buck. Vol 33.1: 9-22.

2006                “The Reluctant Biblical Historian: A Rhetorical Rationale,” in Festschrift: Essays in Honour of Frederik Wisse. ARC. The Journal of the Faculty Religious Studies: 342-357.

Publications: Refereed Publications

2017                “The Curious Voyage of Christ: katábasis, anábasis, and the New Testament,” in Les Études Classiques, Namur Belgium.

2014                “De Vieux-Montréal  à Kahnawa:ké : the story of an urban pilgrimage between settler and aboriginal cultures,” in Urban Pilgrimage, Room One Thousand, Dept. of Architecture, University of California (Berkeley). Co-authored: S. Terreault

2006                “Adaptation: The Self-Proclaiming Rhetoric of Charlie Kaufman and of                               Paul” in Journal of Religion and Popular Culture. Vol XIII.

2004                “In a Mirror Very Darkly: Pauline Argument and the Problem of History,”                            in the Lexington Theological Quarterly. Vol XXXIX, No.4: 225-242

Publications: Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries

2012                “Thorn in the Flesh,” (solicited article) for Dictionary of the Bible and Western Culture. Eds. Michael Gilmour and Mary Ann Beavis. Sheffield Phoenix Press

2012                “The Garden of Eden,” (solicited article; also used as template for call for submissions) for Dictionary of the Bible and Western Culture. Eds. Michael Gilmour and Mary Ann Beavis. Sheffield Phoenix Press

(a listing of various academic book reviews may be obtained on request)

Keynote and Invited Presentations (selected)

2017                Our Work, Our Walk. Invited keynote at the “Sustainability Across Disciplines Conference,” Concordia University, John Molson School of Business. March 17, 2017.

2017                Mapping with our Feet: Pilgrimage and Pedagogy in Montreal and Mohawk Spaces. Invited presentation at Concordia University Dept. of Applied Human Sciences, to faculty and grad students. Jan 12, 2017.

2016                Land and Meaning-Making: the Environmental Seminar Series. Presenting with Orenda Boucher-Curotte, Coordinator of First Peoples’ Studies, Dawson College, Montreal. Invited speaker.

2016                Pilgrimage, A Retreat of our Own, Canmore Alberta Canada, September. Keynote speaker.

2015                Sola Scriptura, Presbyterian College of Montreal, in association with McGill University, Montreal (invited panel)

2013                The Heroic Journey, 2013 Symposium on Pilgrimage Studies. College of William and Mary, Williamsburg VA, USA (keynote address)

Other Presentations (selected)

2016                Indigeneity, Journey, and Historical Recollection on the Northern Great Plains, American Academy of Religion, Annual Meeting, San Antonio TX

2016                Mapping with our Feet: Pilgrimage as Pedagogy in Mohawk and Montreal Spaces, American Academy of Religion, Annual Meeting, San Antonio TX

2016                Horror and the Hidden: Luther, Paul, and Tracy on the hiddenness of God, paper at the Hiddenness of God conference, King’s College, Western University, London ON

Selected Media Appearances

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  1. Would be very happy to share it! There are no viewings this fall in Montreal, although there’s one in Virginia, at the annual pilgrimage conference of the College of Wm and Mary, Williamsburg VA, in October. Or I could pass you a copy to watch as well!

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