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Dr. Matthew Robert Anderson, PhD

Lecturer, Theological Studies

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Office: S-D 303-1
D Building,
2140 Bishop
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2874
Website(s): Something Grand

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Research interests

Pilgrimage, the New Testament: Revelation, the Pauline letters, History of Christianity, the Bible and Western Culture, Theology and Film, First Nations and Settler/Newcomer Theology, Cultural Studies, Environmental Sustainability

B.A. (University of Saskatchewan; Political Science, with Distinction), Master of Divinity (Lutheran Theological Seminary), Ph.D. (McGill, Faculty of Religious Studies, thesis topic: ‘Before the Fact: How Paul’s Rhetoric Made History’)

Other interests

History, writing fiction (I’ve published a number of short stories and am a member of the Quebec Writers’ Federation) documentary film-making (2012 Something Grand; 2014 Under the North Star, trailers at




(Co-editorwith S. Terreault)The Pilgrim Body: An Anatomy of Christian and Post-Christian IntentionalMovement,  accepted for publication by  Ashgate Publishing, UK.  Nine contributors. Also writing two chapters within volume.

Chapters in books

2014 “The First Cut is the Deepest: First Century Attitudes towards Masculinity and Circumcision,” in Biblical Masculinities Foregrounded, eds. Peter-Ben Smit and Oviudu Creanga. Sheffield-Phoenix Press, co-written with K.B. Neutel, University of Groningen Netherlands
2008  “Albert Schweitzer and a Mystical Ecology for Paul” in Consensus: Festschrift in Honour of Erwin Buck. Vol 33.1: 9-22.

2006 “The Reluctant Biblical Historian: A Rhetorical Rationale,” in Festschrift: Essays in Honour of Frederik Wisse. ARC. The Journal of the Faculty of Religious Studies: 342-357.

Articles in refereed journals

2014 (in press) “De Vieux-Montréal  à Kahnawa:ké: the story of an urban pilgrimage between settler and aboriginal cultures,” in the Urban Pilgrimage Issue, Room One Thousand, the Journal of the Dept of Architecture, University of California (Berkeley). Co-authored with S. Terreault.

2006 – “Adaptation: The Self-Proclaiming Rhetoric of Charlie Kaufman and of the Apostle Paul” in Journal of Religion and Popular Culture. Vol XIII.
2005 – “The Three Reformation Solas and Twenty-First Century Ethical Problems,” in Consensus. Vol 30, No 1:77-87
2004 – “In a Mirror Very Darkly: Pauline Argument and the Problem of History,” in the Lexington Theological Quarterly. Vol 39, No 4: 225-242.
2003 – “A Brief Discussion of Christianity and the State in the New Testament,” in Consensus Vol 29 No1: 103-108.

Articles in media or non-refereed journals

2014, June  “From Old Montreal to Kahnawake: A Pilgrimage to End Ignorance,” in Concordia Now.

2014 July “My Pilgrim Boots – I Mean Roots” in The Canada Lutheran.

2014 May “Following the Saints, Footfall by Footfall” in The Montreal Review.
2001 – “The Joint Declaration on Justification Between the Roman Catholic and Lutheran Churches,” in Ecumenism 36:141

Academic reviews

2010 – Review of “The Faith of Jesus Christ: Exegetical, Biblical and Theological Studies ,” Michael F. Bird and Preston Sprinkle, eds. Peabody MA: Hendrickson Paternoster, 2009. At the request of, and for, The Toronto Journal of Theology
2007 – Review of “The Bible after Babel: Historical Criticism in a Postmodern Age,” by John Collins. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2005. At the request of The Journal of Hebrew Studies, Vol XLVIII: 343-345.
2004 – Apocalypse Recalled: The Book of Revelation after Christendom, by Harry O. Maier. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2002, in Consensus. Vol 29, No 2: 162-164.

Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries

2012  “Thorn in the Flesh,” (solicited article) for Dictionary of the Bible and Western Culture. Eds. Michael Gilmour and Mary Ann Beavis. Sheffield-Phoenix Press

2012  “The Garden of Eden,” (solicited article; also used as template for call for submissions) for Dictionary of the Bible and Western Culture. Eds. Michael Gilmour and Mary Ann Beavis. Sheffield-Phoenix Press

Recent Academic Papers


June 2015 (panel proposal to the Canadian Theological Society for June 1-3 meeting at Congress) The New Pilgrimages: Postmodernity and the Theology and Politics of Journey

June 2015 (panel proposal to the Eastern Regional Meeting of the American Association of Religion for May 1-2 meeting at McGill) The Eros of Peripatetics: Pilgrimage and Desire

May 2015 (paper accepted) The North-West Mounted Police Trail at “Indigenizing Pilgrimage” May 8-9, Concordia University Montreal

Sept 2014  The Pilgrimage that Ended Pilgrimages, (Reformation effects on European pilgrimage) at 2014 Symposium on Pilgrimage Studies. College of William and Mary, Williamsburg VA

July 2014 “Pilgrimage as a Reconciliatory Act:Aboriginals and Settlers in Canada” at Interdisciplinary Group, Mansfield College, Oxford UK.

July 2014 “The Future of Pilgrimage Studies”, invited guest for closing panel discussion,University of York, York UK, at Pilgrimage Centre conference.

March 2014 “The Curious Journey of Christ: Katabasisin 1 Peter” at the interdisciplinary, interuniversity Katabasis workshop, Concordia

Oct 2013 Keynote invited speaker: The Heroic Journey, 2013 Symposium on PilgrimageStudies. College of William and Mary, Williamsburg VA

Sept 2013 “Teaching Paul: From the ‘Feet of Gamaliel’ to the Ears of my Students”, Christian Faith and the University. McGill University, Montreal

Aug 2011  The Neglect of Jewish-Gentile Themes in 1 Corinthians; paper presented to the annual meeting of The European Association of Biblical Studies, Thessaloniki Greece.

July 2010  Deconstructing the Temple: Paul and the Temple Allusions of 1 Cor 3; paper presented in Tartu Estonia at the International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature.

media appearances

2014 (Sept)     “Journeys of Faith”. An interview with the Catholic Times

2014 (June 18)  “From Old Montreal to Kahnawake: A Pilgrimage to End Ignorance,” in Concordia Now

2014 (June 15) CBC Radio One (Quebec) interview on “All in a Weekend” about     Concordia student pilgrimage to Kahnawake Mohawk Territory.                   

2014 (June)  The Eastern Door (Kahnawake Mohawk newspaper): “Montreal to  Kahnawake Pilgrimage” by Cecilia Macarthur

2014 (June)  “Walking Towards the Light”, excerpt from my The Montreal  Reviewarticle, featured on “The Dish” blog, with over 110,000 followers

April 20,2014  CBC Radio One (national) radio interview on pilgrimage and the new spirituality

Jan 25, 2014  CBC Radio One (Quebec) interview on “All in a Weekend” about  Conference on Aboriginal Spirituality

April 2014 Montreal Gazette and cross-Canada Postmedia chain newspapers (ie Victoria BC, Saskatoon, Ottawa etc) interview in feature piece about pilgrimage and spiritual transformation

November 2012  CBC Radio One (Quebec) interview about my documentary on the Camino pilgrimage, “Something Grand”

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  1. Unfortunately I’m not in the country right now or I’d lend you one of mine! Concordia Libraries has a copy, and the store “La Tienda” on Wellington St in Verdun – a Camino store and centre – has some copies for sale for $20. Otherwise we’ll have to wait until our pilgrim paths intersect!

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