Pilgrimage/Journeys Walked

Pilgrimages walked & researched:

European routes: St.Olaf Weg, Norway (2013); St. Cuthbert’s Walk, Scotland & England (2013); St. Hilda’s Way, UK (2014); the Camino de Santiago, Spain (2011, 2012); Via Nova (short section), Austria (2015); Bær to Skálholt, Iceland (2016).

North America/Turtle Island: The North-West Mounted Police Patrol Trail trek (2015); the Battleford Trail (2017); Vieux Montréal to Kahnawa:ké Mohawk Territory (annual, with students)

A short introduction to the North-West Mounted Police Trail and the Battleford Trail, with an invite to walk it with other pilgrims (2017). See below:

NWMP & Battleford Trails Feb 11 2017 from Matthew Anderson on Vimeo.

2015-07-26 10.57.57

Below is a link to a 12 minute mini-documentary shot and edited by George Tsougrianis, who did a great job on this local South-West news documentary in just two days of editing! It is a full mini-doc on the North-West Mounted Police Trail we walked in 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLUdJZC72GU&feature=youtu.be&t=2m45s

Chimney Coulee to Eastend grid Tsougrianis  photo: George Tsougrianis

Below is a link to a 4 minute short about the annual Old Montreal – Kahnawa:ké Mohawk Territorty trek led by myself and Prof Sara Terreault:

Old Montreal to Kahnawake Annual Pilgrimage from Matthew Anderson on Vimeo.