On August 2, 2018, Garth Materie of CBC Saskatchewan’s The Afternoon Show interviewed me about what it would look like to bring “The Right to Roam” to Canada (and to SK). Here’s the interview, as a link to the CBC’s website here:
Or if the link doesn’t work, also here:
quarry plaque one
November 2016 CBC Radio One Montreal, with host Nantali Indongo and producer Amanda Klang, invited me to share six songs that have influenced my life, and to talk about pilgrimage as one way of creating art.
or, if you wish below as a podcast:
Iceland troll head by falls
A short TV appearance on Icelandic TV, filmed at the end of our walk (at the end of the report in Icelandic)
I was feeling somewhat exhausted when CBC Radio One’s All in a Weekend called me on the trail for a follow-up interview while we were high up on ‘bone-breaker’ trail after having been briefly lost in the clouds (by the way, Gabriel had to shout out to me how to say “bye” in Icelandic, but they cut that part)

Or if that link doesn’t work, try this link for the mid-pilgrimage Icelandic CBC interview:


Concordia (and theological studies) has been getting some good coverage out of the 2016 Icelandic pilgrimage!

turning at the crater

July 2016 interview with CBC Radio One Montreal show ‘All in a Weekend’ hosted by the gracious and thoughtful Nantali Ndongo, about my pilgrimage to Iceland:

June 2016 interview in French with Radio-Canada host Anne-Marie Yvon about the May 3-5 pilgrimage between Old Montreal and Kahnawake Mohawk Territory:

poster or ad 2Slide1

Here it is, April 2016 and for the third year in a row, Sara Terreault and I are planning to lead a pilgrimage of Concordia students and others from Old Montreal to Kahnawake Mohawk territory. Here’s an interview taken two years ago with Sonali Karnick of CBC Montreal about our trek! (click on the link below)

And here’s an article from the Concordia magazine about the walk:

starting out

A nationally-broadcast (Canada) CBC Radio One interview with Sonali Karnick of CBC Montreal’s program “All in a Weekend”, about the spirituality of pilgrimage and some of my experiences. Broadcast Easter morning 2014:

Craig Baird boom shot Cypress L walkers

A mini-documentary, shot in summer 2015 by George Tsougrianis of South-West News, about Hugh Henry and my 250 km pilgrimage along the North West Mounted Police Patrol Trail. You can see the 16 minute documentary here:


An interview conducted with me by Dr Christine Jamieson of the Dept of Theological Studies, Concordia University Montreal, on the subject of Martin Luther, the Reformer

Sunday November 18, 2012

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Something Grand: The Camino

Roncevalles stone 2012.jpgA new documentary goes on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella along the camino in Spain.

Matthew Anderson produced the film. He’s a part-time professor in theological studies at Concordia University, as well as at Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability.

Last spring, he climbed over the Pyrenees with groups of pilgrims on the 800-km walk to Santiago and asked them ‘why are you doing this?’

An interview with CBC Montreal’s “All in a Weekend” on the Camino documentary “Something Grand”. Aired December 17, 2012. Click below:

Montreal Gazette  /  MediaPost article on Pilgrimage, Easter 2013


Graydon and Mark

CBC Radio One Montreal  “All in a Weekend” with host Sonali Karnick – an interview January 2014 in preparation for the conference “Beyond Dreamcatchers: Aboriginal Theology and Spirituality in the Canadian Context”. I was interviewed with co-organizer Dr Christine Jamieson:

An article on Pilgrimage, fall 2014, in the Catholic Times:

fall 2014 article Catholic Times

An article, in Finnish, published in a Finnish newspaper, September 2014, on my documentary about Finnish emigrants and their hybrid identities, as expressed in music:

Mari Tiensuu Finland Aug 2014

A 12 minute radio interview from May 3, 2015, with All in a Weekend CBC Radio One Montreal host Nantali Indongo, about the Montreal premiere of my documentary about Finns and the question ‘Where is home?’.

Nantali Indongo Matthew Jill Walker CBC

July 20, 2015, radio interview with CKOM Saskatoon’s John Gormley about my pilgrimage along the 310 km North West Mounted Police Patrol Trail. Live on the phone from our abandoned farm house where we were eating lunch and taking refuge from the heat and the sun:

July 20 print article in the Gull Lake Advance newspaper, about the North West Mounted Police Trail pilgrimage  Gull Lake Advance July 20 2015

Interview (in French) and an accompanying web essay, with Radio-Canada, about my pilgrimage on the North West Mounted Police Trail, in SK, July and August 2015

An article about Hugh Henry and my pilgrimage across the North West Mounted Police trail, appearing in the Prairie Post Aug 28, 2015 Prairie Post Aug 28 2015

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