The History of Alcohol at the Holidays Dec 30, 2021 – CTV News Montreal. Host: Angela MacKenzie: here
Pilgrimage and Podcasting. Oct 4, 2020 – CBC Montreal. All in a Weekend. Host: Ainslee MacLellan.
Walking Territorial Recognitions. The Concordian. Print/online article, 2019.
Bringing “The Right to Roam” to Canada (and to SK):Aug 2, 2018 – CBC Saskatchewan. The Afternoon Show. Host: Garth Materie.
One Pilgrimage – Many Quests. “Tapestry,” Radio One National. Producer Amanda Klang. Radio Documentary.
CBC Montreal: Interviews with Montreal Creatives. November, 2016 – CBC Radio One Montreal. Cinq à Six. Host: Nantali Indongo, producer Amanda Klang, invited me to share six songs that have influenced my life, and to talk about pilgrimage as one way of creating art:
Pilgrimage to Iceland: July, 2016 – CBC Radio One Montreal. ‘All in a Weekend.’ Host: Nantali Ndongo. (no longer available)
Icelandic TV Interview: July, 2016 – Icelandic TV. Bær to Skàlholt Iceland pilgrimage (at the end of the report in Icelandic)
Interview “on the trail” during pilgrimage to Iceland. July, 2016 – CBC Radio One Montreal. ‘All in a Weekend.’ Host: Nantali Ndongo: //
Radio-Canada Interview in French re: Kahnawà:ke Walk. June, 2016 – Radio-Canada (French). Host: Anne-Marie Yvon. May 3-5, 2016 pilgrimage with students between Vieux-Montréal and Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Territory
South-West News Documentary on NWMP Trail Walk. September, 2015 – SouthWest News (Saskatchewan, Canada). Producer: George Tsougrianis. North-West Mounted Police Patrol Trail/Traders’ Road walk. 16-min documentary:
Prairie Post Article concerning the NWMP/Traders’ Road Walk. 28 Aug, 2015. Print.
Radio-Canada (French) interview concerning NWMP/Traders’ Road Walk. 10 Aug, 2015  (no longer available)
Gull Lake Advance Article on NWMPT Walk. July, 2015. Print.
CKOM Radio Saskatoon Interview. July 20, 2015 –  Host: John Gormley. North-West Mounted Police Patrol Trail/Traders’ Road walk. Interview taken during the walk.
CBC Montreal Interview about my Finnish Documentary. May 3, 2015 – CBC Montreal. All in a Weekend. Host: Nantali Ndongo. Concerning my documentary “Under the North Star,” about expatriate Finns in North America.
The Catholic Times. Print article on Pilgrimage. Autumn, 2014: http://fall 2014 article Catholic Times
Finnish Newspaper Ilkka. 23 Aug, 2014 – Print article. Interviewer Mari Tiensuu. My documentary about expatriate Finns “coming home.”
Concordia Online re Old Montreal to Kahnawà:ke. June 18, 2014 – Concordia University, Montreal online newsletter. Old Montreal to Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Territory pilgrimage with students:
CBC Radio One Montreal Old Montreal to Kahnawà:ke. June, 2014 – CBC Radio One, Montreal. Host: Sonali Karnick. Pilgrimage with students from Concordia to Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Territory.
Spirituality and pilgrimage. CBC Radio One (national). April 20, 2014. Host: Sonali Karnick.
“Beyond Dreamcatchers” conference on CBC Radio One. January, 2014 –  Montreal. Host: Sonali Karnick. Interviewed with Dr Christine Jamieson.
Pilgrimage: Montreal Gazette/MediaPost article: Mar 13, 2013 – http://Pilgrimage-Gazette.Montreal.March’13-1
Premiere of Documentary Something Grand. Nov 18, 2012 – CBC Radio One, Montreal. Host: Sonali Karnick. Premiere of my documentary “Something Grand.”

My article about pilgrimage in “The Montreal Review” can be found here:

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