Settler & Un-Settling Studies

In February 2019 I gave the talk  below to a group at the University of Sheffield UK. It concerns the ways that those of us who are Settler or Settler-descended can do biblical exegesis differently when aware of that status, of land, and of the stories that have covered over oppression….



In February 2016, I helped organize an evening of discussion about the so-called “Doctrine of Discovery”. Two of our three panelists were First Nations: Raymond Aldred, of the Vancouver School of Theology, a treaty six Cree, and Kenneth Deer, secretary of the Longhouse of the Mohawk Nation, Kahnawake. The discussion was moderated by David Schulze, whose law firm in Montreal continues to represent a number of First Nations in their land claims cases in Canadian courts. This is a more or less the full video of the evening, for any of you who missed it but would like to hear the discussion that took place on that cold evening in Montreal!  (click on the link above)