Film and Radio Projects

Below you will find a Vimeo link to my 2012 film “Something Grand”, a 26-minute journey with pilgrims starting out on the 800-km trek to Santiago, as I ask them: “Why are you doing this?”

Something Grand from Matthew Anderson on Vimeo.


Below you will find a Vimeo link to my film “Under the North Star”, a 26-minute documentary I shot in 2013, asking immigrants who return to their home in Finland to sing in a choir, after years living in Canada: “where is home?”

Under The North Star Projection-QuickTime H.264 with better sound from Matthew Anderson on Vimeo.

filming last days

The link below is to a video about the practice and pedagogy of Journey, especially the ways in which Indigenous Journey and Settler Journey might intersect in new ways. It’s about 5 minutes long. Enjoy!

Below is a 4 minute short about the walk between Old Montreal and Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, on which Prof Sara Terreault and I take students every year:

Old Montreal to Kahnawake Annual Pilgrimage from Matthew Anderson on Vimeo.


Below is a 14 minute short about the beautiful, and recent, Iceland pilgrimage between Bær and Skálholt that I went on in 2016 with a small group of Canadians and Icelanders:

Iceland Pilgrimage full 720 version March 2017 from Matthew Anderson on Vimeo.


This is a radio drama I wrote some years ago, that was produced and broadcast by CBC Radio One in the 1990s. It was one of the winners of a “radio drama” script competition….back in the days when there was much more radio drama! My thanks to the actors and the director who made the script come alive. I’m glad to find a home for this piece here on Something Grand. The radio play is 14 minutes long, and you listen by clicking on the title below. I hope you enjoy it!

The Most Beautiful Thing Radio Drama

South SK River Nov 2012


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