The Most Beautiful Thing

South SK River Nov 2012

This is a radio drama I wrote some years ago, that was produced and broadcast by CBC Radio One in the 1990s. It was one of the winners of a “radio drama” script competition….back in the days when there was much more radio drama! My thanks to the actors and the director who made the script come alive. I’m glad to find a home for this piece here on Something Grand. The radio play is 14 minutes long, and you listen by clicking on the title below. I hope you enjoy it!

The Most Beautiful Thing Radio Drama

By somethinggrand

writing and walking

4 replies on “The Most Beautiful Thing”

I feel, this many years after writing and watching the production of this drama, as if both the script and the acting of it were a bit over-played. But the core emotions, of loss, of memory, and of the importance of landscape are still the same for me. I’ve never sailed, but I’d be open to an invitation to be a passenger sometime!

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