No Land to Call Home


What happens to people if there is no attachment to a specific landscape or terrain? Three quotes jump out at me from this article about “Third Culture” people (sent to me by my student this week at Vancouver School of Theology, R Woodland, herself at least tri-cultural):  1/ “I know how to compartmentalize a life”; 2/ “I run into old classmates—often in subway systems or on crowded streets in the world’s most global cities so often, that I’ve had to stop believing in the distances in between”; and 3/”travel serves as an affirmation of sorts”. It would be interesting to compare and contrast the “third culture” folks to “existential migrants”, another theoretical category for describing those who grow up, and live, on the move. For me, a connection to land is vital, which is what makes this article so interesting.

By somethinggrand

writing and walking

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