NEW trailer for my upcoming documentary!

This video doesn’t exist

6 replies on “NEW trailer for my upcoming documentary!”

Thanks! The full documentary will be more reflective (and thus a touch slower). In it we get into more depth in the interviews and spend some time talking about the nature of pilgrimage and how doing “something grand” does (or sometimes does not) work in tandem with the traditional and historical ideas of pilgrimage.

I would say this project is definitely something grand. Looks like it is coming together nicely, can’t wait for the full documentary. Margaret

Matthew, It is a work of art! I can’t wait to see the full length version. The scenery was beautiful, the music spiritual, and the comments from the pilgrims touching. I was amazed that both Janice and I are in the 90 second version. I think the opening quote was perfect! Job well done! We hope to see you soon! Sincerely, Susan Harrison

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