The St. Olaf Way Norway

Allen pondering
photo by Matthew R. Anderson of Allen Jorgenson, 2013

I’m SO happy to see this article finally in print! In May 2013 we began walking this incredible trail only weeks after I had had surgery for prostate cancer in Montreal, and so soon after Norwegian spring thaw that the train to take us to the trail head was washed out, and we had to ford more than a few run-off streams on our way! Find out more here about the extraordinarily beautiful St. Olaf Way, as told from the perspective of a group of Scandinavian-background Canadians who walked a long portion of it in 2013. Pilgrimage, diaspora, national memory, political sainthood, therapy walking, history, church-state relations, and stunning views of mountain-top Norway….they’re all here!

2 replies on “The St. Olaf Way Norway”

Matthew, I just read “Walking to be Some Body”. Thank you for your insight. The article touched on many sentiments I personally experience. I yearn for a mythical homeland, a firmament, that fits me while unceasing change and unease with entitlement gives me unrest. My illusionary homeland is often Ireland and from my Reformed Protestant background A life in Christ. This yearning is the emptiness that never fills. I didn’t know you had prostate cancer. Hope you are doing well. From your active travels and writings I expect you are better then okay. I did the VF Sept. 2017, and will do Le Puy, starting May 8, this year. I think of you often while on a Camino. Always good thoughts. Billy

Thanks for this Billy! I love following your travels when I hear about them on FB or elsewhere…have a great walk in May! Who’d have believed, back when you did that first Camino (and first visit to Europe), that you’d be back so often? Hi from the UK, where I am now!

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